Brahman Country Beef



Looking for something that will take you back to those days when you would walk into the house on a cold day as a kid and get hit with the delicious smell of grandma's stew? We are fully convinced no one makes better stew than grandma's. Oxtail is a staple in southern comfort food, especially stews and soups. This cut does beautifully in soups and stews due to it's gelatinous nature. Each tail has a section of bone marrow in the center surrounded by the bony portion of meat. We recommend allowing your oxtail to simmer in your stew or soup for a minimum of two hours to allow for that robust flavor to fully come through.

-Brahman beef, aged 14 days for extra tenderness
-Grain finished with good marbling to add flavor and juiciness
-Frozen and individually packaged for convenience and safety
-Hand cut
-Average package is 3.5 pounds

Photo credit, and FotoosVanRobin - originally posted to Flickr as Oxtail, CC BY-SA 2.0,