Brahman Country Beef

Chuck Roast

Two carrots roughly chopped, four hearty potatoes cut into large pieces, plenty of seasoning and beef broth, and one Brahman Country Beef chuck roast. These are the basics to a delicious slow cooker pot roast. Want to know the secret? It's the Brahman Country Beef chuck roast. Our roasts are beautifully marbled, resulting in a tender and juicy melt in your mouth experience. It is recommended to slice your roast against the grain for optimal tenderness, but we pull it apart in the slow cooker with a fork, it's that tender. Nothing quite beats walking in and smelling that yummy roast that has been cooking all day.

-Brahman beef, aged 14 days for extra tenderness
-Grain finished with good marbling to add flavor and juiciness
-Frozen and individually packaged for convenience and safety
-Hand cut
-Roasts average 3.9 pounds

Images courtesy of Beef. It's What's for Dinner.