Brahman Country Beef

Flat Iron Steaks Gift Box


This box includes 4 flat iron steaks in a holiday gift box or canvas bag.

Are you looking for something new and exciting to try? Our flat iron gift box gives you just that! Flat iron's are a relatively new cut of steak on the market, but do not be fooled. These steaks are beautifully marbled and tender beyond belief. These steaks pack a bold beefy flavor like no other. This gift box makes the perfect gift for those that like to "graze" on the wild side and try something new and exciting!

  • Brahman beef, aged for 14 days for optimal flavor and tenderness
  • Frozen and individually wrapped in cryovac packaging for convenience and safety
  • Grain finished with good marbling to add flavor and juiciness
  • Hand cut


Please note that orders picked up will be packaged in a gift box but orders that ship will be shipped in a cooler.