Brahman Country Beef

Steak Sampler Gift Box

$150.00 $233.00
$150.00 $233.00you save $83.00

Looking for a gift that will wow someone? We created this box just for that! This box will contain 6 premium steaks and 4 rancher’s choice steaks.

This box includes a sampling of 10 delicious Brahman Country steaks including an assortment of premium steaks and unique steaks for grilling and family dinners. Each box will contain a minimum of 6 premium steaks (ribeyes, filet mignons, or new york strips) and 4 ranchers's favorite steaks (flat iron, denver, or top sirloin). 

  • Flat Iron steaks
  • Denver Steaks
  • New York Strips
  • Ribeyes
  • Top Sirloins
  • Skirt steak
  • Filet Mignons

You’ll get melt in your mouth tenderloin filets,  perfectly marbled New York Strips and world-class ribeye steaks. Then, you’ll get a choice of lean and juicy sirloin steaks from our FitBeef line, the tender flat iron steak, beautifully marbled and succulent Denver steaks, or juicy fajitas ready for the grill.  This gift box is the ultimate gift to give to that steak lover on your holiday gift list.  


Please note that orders picked up will be packaged in a gift box but orders that ship will be shipped in a cooler.