Sirloin Bavette

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A boneless cut with a hearty texture that’s a good source for fajita meat. Marinate and grill or broil.

This is a smaller, triangular-shaped muscle that is frequently further processed into marinated steaks or fajita strips. It's great for:

  • Skewered steak/satay
  • Steak (marinating recommended)
  • Steak, cubed/chicken fried/fingers
  • French dip/Italian beef sandwiches
  • Hash
  • Kabobs/fondue
  • Pasta toppings (grilled)
  • Philly cheese steak
  • Soup
  • Stew/Pot Pies/Turnover
  • Stir fry (marinated)
  • Stroganoff

Also Known As: Bottom Sirloin Butt, Flap, Boneless; Bottom Sirloin Flap; Bottom Sirloin Flap Bavette; Flap Meat

Average package weighs 2 pounds